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Great Shabbos & Easy Fast

After an amazing Shabbos including a special Mishnayos Bal Peh war, staff and section C were treated to a special Melave Malka in preparation for the fast. In addition to the great food the atmosphere was great! During the fast a grand staff baseball game took place in our baseball field with the campers cheering them […]

Boating Hike Day & Section C Trip

Yesterday, in honor of hike day, campers of grade 6 alternated between boating and being taken by a larger boat to our local town of Lac-Dessert.  The campers enjoyed the town and the Mini Golf.  Water bottles were distributed as campers enjoyed their time out of camp. The staff were sure to make every moment memorable! The rest of […]

Overnights & Section C Special “C-Shore” Barbecue

The dining  room roared with excitement during an early lunch, as campers were given the great news, OVERNIGHTS! Campers hurried to their bunks to pack and prepare for this exciting event. The weather could not have been better BH, as campers spread out their sleeping bags, set up their tents and enjoyed a delicious barbecue supper […]

Best in Learning Class Week 2 & Hanochas Tefillin

Once again, we are happy to share the list of campers that excelled in learning class over the past week. Lots of Nachas! Mazel tov to campers celebrating their Hanochas Tefillin in camp with family  and friends. Mazel Tov to the Cousins, Katz and Kaller families. Lots of Chassidishe Nachas. ­­­­­­­Shiur תלמיד השבוע חייל השבוע […]

Amazing Visiting Day BH

Thanks to all the families that made the long trip up to camp yesterday. Worth the trip! The weather could not have been better, as families enjoyed their time on the beautiful CGI grounds. Our guests enjoyed the inflatable activities brought to camp in their honor, and of course the canteen, the playground; and just being together […]

Another Great Shabbos!

Shabbos was amazing here in CGI! Friday night spirit was amazing, Rabbi B. Mockin sang for our campers, and the head counselors did a great job and leading the farbrengen / seudah. Shabbos afternoon, after the seudah, Rabbi Wagner farbrenged with the campers in the dining room. Motzei shabbos our staff were treated to a […]

Staff night out!

Yesterday, the sky cleared just when we were ready to get on the playing fields. After a few small rain showers, the sun came out just in time for our campers to enjoy an amazing afternoon of great sports and water activities. Our hardworking, devoted staff were treated to an evening out, while the head […]

Section C Salad night & In house Hypnotist

Last night was quite exciting here in camp! The entire camp filled the shul for a great show put up by Hypnotist Alan Ferlan. Staff volunteered and campers cheered and laughed; was quite entertaining and exciting.  Campers  returned to their bunks after an amazing show and an amazing day BH. Section C had a special […]

Welcome Masmidim & Section C Trip

CGI is honored to welcome Rabbi Wagner along with his talmidim as our masmidim in camp. Looking forward to a season a learning on our wonderful grounds iyh! Lots of Hatzlacha! Section C returned last night after an amazing trip. The section was split in half, half went to rope course, and the other half […]

Grade trips continue & Staff Appreciation

Section A were out of camp yesterday for their amazing grade trip to Rock-climbing Horizon. Their trip started off with a picnic lunch, followed by some really good climbing and finished off with a trip to Pizza- Pita for pizza, fries and ice cream. Campers returned to camp all smiles after an amazing outing bh. […]