Bunks and Classes

BH all buses arrived safely in camp. After being welcomed to camp by the head staff and assigned to their bunks, campers are enjoying a delicious pizza lunch, while getting to know their new bunkmates and counselors. The spirit is great!

Parents will be sent, by email, the bunk and class lists at the end of the of day; including counselors and teachers .  Once you have your son’s bunk number, feel free to send him an email through our website.

Dates Summer 2017

Registration for summer 2017 is closed with a waiting list. Join our waiting list by registering on line. 

Camp dates – including transportation  details – are now online

First Session: Wednesday June 28 (4 Tammuz)- Tuesday July 25 (2 Av)

Second Session: Tuesday July 25 (2 Av) – Monday August 21 (29 Av)

Visiting Days: Sundays July 9 & August 6

Last Emails to Campers & Arrival Reminders

Today, Sunday is packing, and banquet day. If you wish to send your son a last minute email please understand that the last emails will be printed at 5:00 pm. They will IY”H be distributed by the banquet tonight. Please do not send campers or staff emails after 5:00.

Bus arrivals

Montreal Bus Arrives at 12:00 pm Monday August 29 to 6405 Westbury – together with the luggage

New York Bus Arrives at 8:00 pm Monday August 29 to President and Kingston – Luggage truck at same time

We will do our best to send arrival updates by email if we hear of any changes.


Grand Sing & Section C Grand Trip

Every parent would have liked to be a fly on the wall watching his son last night! Wow what an event the grand sing turned out to be! The shul was set up as a Chabad house and Beis hamikdash, with each team dressed up to suit that theme. Team Ahava was dressed up as Chabad house visitors, and Team Yirah were Kohanim. The lively, grand sing had every camper literally jumping with excitement as they enjoyed the Songs, comedy, nigunum, lessons, farbrengen, lchaim and Hachlotas shared by the head staff and the staff of both teams. Rabbi B. Mockin shared words of inspiration connected to the themes of both teams.  Throughout the evening campers were given burgers, snacks and drinks to keep them going. A great shout out to our amazing waiters and waiter counselor for all the arrangements, and of course to our kitchen staff.  The climax of color war proved to be a highlight for all!

Section C returned late last night, just as the grand sing was coming to an end. The boys had an overwhelming trip to Montreal. A packed two days was arranged for them, including: bowling, jet boating, ice skating, pizza pita, laser tag,  indoor go-karting, overnight hotel stay including a lavish breakfast,   Cruise lunch, and restaurant dinner. The trip was an absolute blast, and the campers were ecstatic  when they returned to camp bh.

This morning all campers are being treated to a late revile as we prepare for our last shabbos of the summer IY”H. Looking forward to a special Shabbos.

Have a good Shabbos.

Color War & Section C Grand Trip

Color war continues in full swing. Two great plays were performed yesterday in addition to songs, races,scavengers and the rest. Both teams are fully involved in expressing their theme with lots of talent. It all leads up to our highlight tonight of the grand sing!

Section C has been away since yesterday on their grand two day trip. The bochurim are enjoying non stop trips, outings, restaurants and an overnight hotel stay in beautiful city of Montreal. They are expected back in camp late tonight  IYH.

La -Ronde Straight into Color War & Section C Play-Offs

Early in the evening, campers returned from a full day in Montreal’s Six-Flags-La Ronde after a great sunny day, enjoying the rides and fun the park has to offer. Campers and staff headed straight to the shul for Mariv, where they were greeted by a quick color war break out, and the division of teams, Ahavah and Yirah, as well as general entrances etc. Color war is certainly in the air, with signs and banners hanging throughout the grounds; and campers dressed according to their team color. A great two day color war lies ahead iyh.

Section C campers and staff were bused to La belle for their play grand off game of the season. In a well lit baseball field the campers were served hot soup, fresh doughnuts, and more; as they enjoyed the intense and exciting baseball game! The staff outdid themselves in arranging the amazing outing.


Staff Getaway & Grand trip

Yesterday, campers woke up to find the staff were all gone. The head staff did a tremendous job at leading the entire camp in davening, breakfast and learning classes as the hard working staff were treated to a morning out of camp. Staff returned in time for lunch and swung right back into gear, as everyone enjoyed a great afternoon of sports and activity in the sunshine.

Section C has the camp grounds to themselves today, as the rest of camp left early this morning on the grand trip! Please understand that calling day and email distribution will not take place today.

Have a nice day.

Siyum Shas & In House E

We thank all the parents for taking the long trip up to camp for visiting day yesterday!   Following visiting hours, we celebrated a siyum Hashas by learning-director-section-C-Shneur-Munitz. A festive seudah followed the siyum! Huge mazel tov to Shneur and the entire section C.

Following the siyum, all sections of camp gathered in the shul for a fabulous in house entertainment. The talent magician entertained us with stunts we have never seen before. He had the entire crowd involved in his show; and had everyone asking for more when it was all over. Several bunks enjoyed special late nights last night, including our very own bubble-soccer game, being enjoyed every night here in camp.


Tzieschem L’Shalom Masmidim & Visiting day Today

After another wonderful lively  shabbos in camp, we bid farewell to our masmidim, leaving early this morning.  Under the leadership of Rabbi A. Wagner and his incredible staff, the Masmidim were a shining example to campers and staff in all departments of camp. The Chassidishe bochurim spent the past 6 weeks learning in their very own zal, benefiting from our beautiful grounds and country air. The season was an absolute success bh, and we are sorry to see them go. We wish all the departing bochurim a shnas hatzlacha!

We look forward to greeting our guests in camp later today. Special arrangements have been made in case of rain. Please use our dining rooms and shuls for undercover visiting. The performance will be inside (unless there is a change) in our main shul.

Safe trip up.

Grade 6 Rafting & Section C Water Park & Campers’ Overnight

Section B+ ( grade 6) had an amazing trip to white-water-rafting. After a brief training, the campers and staff really enjoyed the intense rapids! The weather was perfect, which helped contribute to the great rafting experience.

Section C were off to Ottawa’s water park. Having the entire park for themselves, they felt at home on the slides and pools throughout the park. Of course the day ended with a lavish picnic dinner, beautifully arranged by their head staff.

Last night, campers from sections A, B and B+ headed up the hill to our in- house overnight site. After setting up their tents and sleeping bags, campers enjoyed the campfire, including hot dogs, marshmallows and of course the great singing round the fire.

We look forward to greeting parents, families and friends here in camp on visiting day, this upcoming Sunday, August 21st, from 1:00-6:00 pm. Safe travels.

Good Shabbos!